Nomax Exhibits Effer-K at the AAFP FMX in New Orleans

The Effer-K team has made it home after exhibiting at the AAFP FMX conference in New Orleans!  AAFP is always a busy show for us and this year was no exception. We gave out 123 Effer-K voucher booklets (that allow patients to receive 1 box of free Effer-K at any pharmacy). Many physicians stopped by our booth, as they do every year, to tell us how much they love Effer-K. We are always happy to talk to these loyal fans.

In addition to the Effer-K-loving practitioners, we met several physicians who had never even heard of Effer-K. These physicians are always skeptical when we explain that it is a palatable potassium supplement, so we offer samples of Effer-K at our booth for doubters. The skeptics often become instant fans after trying the shot.

Once practitioners taste Effer-K they often follow up with questions about what types of drinks it can be dissolved in. Since Nomax makes an Unflavored Effer-K, we tell them it is virtually undetectable when dissolved in any ingestible liquid. One physician suggested (in jest) that it could even be dissolved in the popular New Orleans Hurricane drink. How’s that for a physician recommendation? 

We acquired several new Effer-K fans at this show. We even met some medical directors of nursing homes who decided they wanted to add Effer-K to their formulary. This show was definitely a huge success for us and we plan on returning next year! We look forward to seeing everyone at next year’s AAFP FMX which will be held at the Pennsylvania Convention Center in Philadelphia, PA – September 25th thru Sept. 27th.

New Effer-K Distributors - Morris & Dickson and North Carolina Mutual Wholesale Drug Company

As many hospitals and physicians have chosen Effer-K as a preferred prescription potassium supplement, we continue to work to ensure that Effer-K is available at every pharmaceutical distributor. We are pleased to welcome two new Effer-K distributors – Morris & Dickson and North Carolina Mutual Wholesale Drug Company!

Morris & Dickson is a fifth generation, family owned company headquartered in Shreveport, LA. According to the company website, Morris & Dickson is one of the oldest and most successful pharmaceutical wholesaler organizations in the country. If you are a Morris & Dickson customer and you would like to order Effer-K please see our ordering information page for more information on how you can order.

North Carolina Mutual Wholesale Drug Company is the sixth largest pharmaceutical wholesaler in the United States. The company serves over 500 pharmacies in North Carolina. As the company website states, the Board of Directors is made up of pharmacy owners. The company is unique because it is owned and operated by its members. If you are a member and would like ordering information, please see our ordering information page.

We are excited to be working with Morris & Dickson and North Carolina Mutual Wholesaler Drug Company!


Effer-K Patient Vouchers are Available

We recently started a voucher program offering coupons for one free 30-tablet-box of Effer-K that physicians could obtain for their patients.  In the past month or so, many physicians have received vouchers and passed them on to their patients.  It has been thrilling to see the vouchers getting redeemed at pharmacies over the country. 

But what about patients who want to get the voucher for themselves?  We are pleased to let patients currently prescribed Effer-K or interested in trying Effer-K that we have expanded the program to allow patients to request vouchers for a free box of Effer-K!  

Vouchers can be printed quickly and easily on our website. If you are unable to print a voucher, we would be happy to mail a voucher to you. Please fill out the online patient voucher request form and indicate your preference of printing a voucher or having a voucher mailed to you. If for any reason you cannot fill out the online form please call me to request a voucher.

Once you obtain your voucher, simply take it to any pharmacy with your current Effer-K prescription and you will receive one free box of 30-tablet Effer-K.  

Please keep in mind that you WILL need a prescription to use your Effer-K voucher, so talk to your doctor about how Effer-K may benefit you.

Effer-K vouchers are here!

voucher pictureAs you may recall, a few weeks ago we wrote about our new voucher program that we were implementing to streamline the process of sampling Effer-K. At that point, we were waiting for our vouchers to arrive so that we could ship them out to everyone who had requested samples. Well the vouchers have arrived and were mailed out last week! 

In fact, some practitioners may have already received their vouchers in the mail. If you have not received your vouchers but have requested samples, please watch the mail – your vouchers are on the way! We apologize for any inconvenience the wait for samples may have caused you. However, we are confident you will be pleased with the new Effer-K voucher program.

Physicians can now request both paper and digital vouchers on our website. Requesting vouchers on our website is simple and fast. Once your have created an account, simply login and choose which voucher format you prefer: printed vouchers or digital vouchers. 

If you have any questions about vouchers or if you need help requesting vouchers please contact me.


Free Trial Vouchers Coming Soon!

We would like to thank you for your patience as we have been overhauling our Effer-K sampling program. For those physicians who have pending sample requests, instead of sending you physical vouchers (as we have in the past), we will be mailing you vouchers that your patients can take to any pharmacy and get a free box of Effer-K.  You can expect these free trial vouchers to arrive later in September. 

While the physical samples we have sent in the past have helped give your patients a chance to try Effer-K at no cost, we recognize the need to make the program more convenient for physicians and patients. We have heard that many physicians do not have storage space to keep samples or are not allowed to keep samples in the office. The new voucher program eliminates this problem.

Another problem that will be solved with the new voucher program is the wait time for samples to ship. Physicians will now have the ability to print vouchers in their office. Having the ability to print vouchers from the office will allow your patients to take the voucher to their pharmacy and try Effer-K the same day.

Perhaps the biggest advantage of the new free trial voucher program is the physician’s freedom to offer their patients a free trial of the exact flavor and mEq that is right for each individual patient. The free trial voucher can be used for any type of 30 tablet box of Effer-K (10 mEq Unflavored, 10 mEq Cherry Vanilla, 20 mEq Unflavored, 20 mEq Orange Cream, 25 mEq Unflavored, 25 mEq Orange, 25 mEq Lemon Citrus, and 25 mEq Cherry Berry). The physician and patient are no longer limited to the mEq and flavor option the physician happened to have on the shelf.

Thank you again for your continued interest in Effer-K and remember to watch the mail for your Effer-K free trial vouchers. If you have not yet requested a sample and you would like us to send you a pack of free trial vouchers, please request a sample. Your free trial vouchers will be mailed later in September.


Effer-K gives people a new outlook on taking their prescription potassium supplement

A few weeks ago I received a sample request from Joe, a customer who was unhappy with the prescription potassium supplement he was taking. This is not the first time I have been contacted by an individual who disliked their prescription potassium supplement and, even though each story is unique, these stories seem to have a few things in common. Many people tell me they have taken the tablet form of potassium as well as the liquid and powder forms. The complaints are all the same – the large tablet is too hard to swallow and the liquid and powder forms taste awful. While being hard to ingest seems to be a good enough reason to search for an alternative to these forms of potassium, people tell me it is not the worst part of their experience. They often tell me if they manage to get the large tablet or foul tasting liquid/powder to go down, it causes various intestinal troubles.

Like many others who have contacted me, Joe’s prescription potassium supplement caused him a great deal of suffering and he had little hope left for finding a potassium supplement that he could bear to ingest and his stomach could tolerate. This is what Joe had to say when he first contacted me:

“I am having a tough time finding a potassium that doesn’t ‘eat my guts’ & make me start with excuses to myself to NOT take it – I have tried all the pills & powders so I’m hoping this (Effer-K) ‘is the ticket’.”

I have found that people who have the chance to try Effer-K have a new outlook on taking their prescription potassium supplement. Therefore words cannot describe how thrilled I am to offer people like Joe the opportunity to try a free sample of Effer-K. With the help of Joe’s physician and pharmacist, he was able to try a sample. And after trying Effer-K, he was eager to tell me about his experience. This is what Joe told me:

“I was taking Klor-Con for a few years at about 7 meq (a 20 meq cut into thirds) every other day & kept my ‘readings’ at 3.5 to 3.8 with no seeming effect on my innards.  Last May I was in the hospital for A-Fib & the doctors felt my Potassium was low & put me on 20 meq Klor-Con per day, a 600% increase.  I started to have ‘problems’ & it took me a month to ‘figure out’ what was the problem (as they had started several other Rx).  I started to modulate the intake of Potassium with some improvement & tried 10 meq(uncut) & then powdered w/ water with NOT much improvement.  I was having sharp pains up to about a 7 almost all the time in my lower tract & got ‘referred’ to Effer-K, after almost 6 months of agony.  In the first week with Effer-K the pain went down to about a 2 and by 10 days was gone. 

I have been taking the Effer-K plain (20 meq) cut in half interspersed alternately with the Citrus (25 meq) also cut in half for almost a month now with vastly improved BMs & NO pain & my labs are keeping the doctors happy.  I love this stuff & only regret that my Medicare doesn’t cover the cost, but it’s worth paying the $14 – $25 for the intestinal relief.”

After receiving Joe’s testimonial with his only regret being the cost of Effer-K, I realized in my excitement to help him get a free sample, I had forgotten to tell him about the various discount prescription drug websites that can help people save money on the cost of prescription drugs that are not covered by insurance. I was able to find Effer-K for between $9 – 19 (qty 30) on

Joe has finally found a prescription potassium supplement that is easy to swallow, does not taste awful, and does not upset his stomach. And, after I sent the coupon to him, he is happy with the cost as well.

Nomax, Inc. Wins Cardinal Health Supply Chain Excellence Award for 2016

sce awardNomax, Inc. is excited to have received a Cardinal Health Supply Chain Excellence Award for 2016. Cardinal Health is a wholesale distributor for Effer-K with an extensive distribution network ensuring Effer-K is available to customers throughout the country. Cardinal Health uses ten metrics to measure a manufacturer’s performance throughout the year and presents manufacturers who earn 124 out of the total 155 points possible with a Supply Chain Excellence Award. We are honored to have received the Supply Chain Excellence Award which demonstrates our dedication to outstanding customer service and customer satisfaction.


Effer-K Meets Medscape at the AAFP FMX in Orlando, FL

We had great success exhibiting Effer-K at the AAFP FMX (Family Medicine Experience) in Orlando, FL last month. Not only did we have the opportunity to discuss the significant benefits of prescribing Effer-K with the many physicians in attendance, we also had the pleasure of meeting the exhibitors for Medscape. According to the Medscape website, Medscape is the leading online global destination for physicians and healthcare professionals worldwide. They offer the latest medical news, expert perspectives, essential point-of-care drug and disease information, relevant professional education, and CME.1

medscapeSince Medscape was exhibiting at a nearby booth, we saw this as a great opportunity to discuss the mutual benefit of listing Effer-K in their database. Fortunately, Medscape agreed that their members should have access to information about Effer-K, and they wasted no time in adding Effer-K to their prescription drug list. (We learned Effer-K had been added to the potassium bicarbonate/potassium citrate monograph soon after we returned from Orlando.) Because we are confident Medscape members will find huge value in the addition of Effer-K to the database, we are excited Medscape recognized the value and chose to add Effer-K.

We are thrilled to be listed on Medscape!


A father determined to help his daughter get Effer-K

I am always happy to help our customers when they experience difficulty getting Effer-K at their pharmacy.  Now that we have built a solid distribution channel – it doesn’t happen often, but occasionally these situations do arise.  Not long ago I was contacted by the father of a customer who was having this problem. I wanted to share this story because I was touched by this father’s determination to help his daughter.

Marie is an Effer-K customer who was born with an intestinal birth defect which requires her to take potassium daily. Marie has taken Effer-K with great success but her pharmacist recently informed her he could no longer get Effer-K from the pharmacy’s supplier. This was devastating news for Marie because she had taken other products in the past and they had caused her severe pain. Effer-K was the only product she was able to take without pain. But what choice did she have? She could no longer get Effer-K, so she was forced to take another product. She feared she was doomed to spend the rest of her life in pain.

Lucky for Marie, her father, Nick, was not willing to accept that his daughter would spend the rest of her life suffering because she could not get Effer-K. Nick did a little research and found my phone number. Nick called Marie with the good news. He had found the manufacturer of Effer-K! While Marie was appreciative of her father’s help, she did not think anything would come of his discovery. She had a picture in her head of a huge “Pharma-Giant bureaucracy” and she did not think Nick would actually be able to talk to a human being. Nick, however, was not deterred by this.

Nick decided to call the number he had found and find out why the pharmacy could no longer get Effer-K from the supplier. When Nick reached me, he explained that the pharmacy told him that Effer-K was on backorder.  I assured him that this was definitely not the case and that I could ship an order that day if needed. After talking to Nick, I contacted the supplier for the pharmacy and they agreed to place an order.

It was that easy. I requested an order, and the supplier placed an order. To me, I was just doing my job, but to Nick who has watched Marie suffer her whole life until she found Effer-K, this was a blessing. Hearing Nick’s excitement upon finding out his daughter would be able to get the medicine she needed made me realize what a considerable impact Effer-K has on the quality of life for so many people. I am grateful for the opportunity to help people like Nick and Marie.

Please read the testimonials submitted by Nick and Marie.

If you need help getting Effer-K at your pharmacy please don’t hesitate to call or email me.

Gluten-free Effer-K

A short time ago I was contacted by a customer who wanted to know if Effer-K contains gluten. Obviously, a person on a gluten-free diet, needs to know if the medication she is taking contains gluten. And because there is a growing number of people choosing or requiring a gluten-free diet1, I wanted to let our customers know if Effer-K contains gluten.

There is a great deal of debate as to whether gluten should be avoided by all people or just those with gluten intolerance. While certain people may choose a gluten-free diet because they believe it is unhealthy for them, a person with gluten intolerance must follow this diet to avoid an adverse reaction. There are varying degrees of sensitivity to gluten in people who suffer from gluten intolerance. The most severe form of gluten intolerance is celiac disease. People with celiac disease will need to adhere to a strict gluten-free diet, including the avoidance of gluten in their medications.2

While the Celiac Disease Foundation states there is an extremely small chance of getting a medication that contains gluten, they recommend you evaluate the ingredients of all medications to eliminate any risk. Since Effer-K does not contain gluten, it is safe to take if you have gluten intolerance.


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