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Effer-K Patient Vouchers are Available

We recently started a voucher program offering coupons for one free 30-tablet-box of Effer-K that physicians could obtain for their patients.  In the past month or so, many physicians have received vouchers and passed them on to their patients.  It has been thrilling to see the vouchers getting redeemed at pharmacies over the country. 

But what about patients who want to get the voucher for themselves?  We are pleased to let patients currently prescribed Effer-K or interested in trying Effer-K that we have expanded the program to allow patients to request vouchers for a free box of Effer-K!  

Vouchers can be printed quickly and easily on our website. If you are unable to print a voucher, we would be happy to mail a voucher to you. Please fill out the online patient voucher request form and indicate your preference of printing a voucher or having a voucher mailed to you. If for any reason you cannot fill out the online form please call me to request a voucher.

Once you obtain your voucher, simply take it to any pharmacy with your current Effer-K prescription and you will receive one free box of 30-tablet Effer-K.  

Please keep in mind that you WILL need a prescription to use your Effer-K voucher, so talk to your doctor about how Effer-K may benefit you.

Effer-K gives people a new outlook on taking their prescription potassium supplement

A few weeks ago I received a sample request from Joe, a customer who was unhappy with the prescription potassium supplement he was taking. This is not the first time I have been contacted by an individual who disliked their prescription potassium supplement and, even though each story is unique, these stories seem to have a few things in common. Many people tell me they have taken the tablet form of potassium as well as the liquid and powder forms. The complaints are all the same – the large tablet is too hard to swallow and the liquid and powder forms taste awful. While being hard to ingest seems to be a good enough reason to search for an alternative to these forms of potassium, people tell me it is not the worst part of their experience. They often tell me if they manage to get the large tablet or foul tasting liquid/powder to go down, it causes various intestinal troubles.

Like many others who have contacted me, Joe’s prescription potassium supplement caused him a great deal of suffering and he had little hope left for finding a potassium supplement that he could bear to ingest and his stomach could tolerate. This is what Joe had to say when he first contacted me:

“I am having a tough time finding a potassium that doesn’t ‘eat my guts’ & make me start with excuses to myself to NOT take it – I have tried all the pills & powders so I’m hoping this (Effer-K) ‘is the ticket’.”

I have found that people who have the chance to try Effer-K have a new outlook on taking their prescription potassium supplement. Therefore words cannot describe how thrilled I am to offer people like Joe the opportunity to try a free sample of Effer-K. With the help of Joe’s physician and pharmacist, he was able to try a sample. And after trying Effer-K, he was eager to tell me about his experience. This is what Joe told me:

“I was taking Klor-Con for a few years at about 7 meq (a 20 meq cut into thirds) every other day & kept my ‘readings’ at 3.5 to 3.8 with no seeming effect on my innards.  Last May I was in the hospital for A-Fib & the doctors felt my Potassium was low & put me on 20 meq Klor-Con per day, a 600% increase.  I started to have ‘problems’ & it took me a month to ‘figure out’ what was the problem (as they had started several other Rx).  I started to modulate the intake of Potassium with some improvement & tried 10 meq(uncut) & then powdered w/ water with NOT much improvement.  I was having sharp pains up to about a 7 almost all the time in my lower tract & got ‘referred’ to Effer-K, after almost 6 months of agony.  In the first week with Effer-K the pain went down to about a 2 and by 10 days was gone. 

I have been taking the Effer-K plain (20 meq) cut in half interspersed alternately with the Citrus (25 meq) also cut in half for almost a month now with vastly improved BMs & NO pain & my labs are keeping the doctors happy.  I love this stuff & only regret that my Medicare doesn’t cover the cost, but it’s worth paying the $14 – $25 for the intestinal relief.”

After receiving Joe’s testimonial with his only regret being the cost of Effer-K, I realized in my excitement to help him get a free sample, I had forgotten to tell him about the various discount prescription drug websites that can help people save money on the cost of prescription drugs that are not covered by insurance. I was able to find Effer-K for between $9 – 19 (qty 30) on

Joe has finally found a prescription potassium supplement that is easy to swallow, does not taste awful, and does not upset his stomach. And, after I sent the coupon to him, he is happy with the cost as well.

Looking for ways to save money on your Effer-K prescription?

I know how difficult it can be to come up with the money for prescriptions on a tight budget. Cost is a major concern for many people taking prescription medications. I have even heard people complain they had to stop taking their prescribed medicine because it was too expensive. However, ceasing to take your prescription medicine is never a good way to save money. You will most likely see your medical expenses go up as your health deteriorates causing you to need more medical attention.

Having heard the complaints about prescription costs, I wanted to help our customers get the best possible price for Effer-K. While Effer-K has a low cash price (between $12 – $25 for 1 carton), I believe it never hurts to save a little money. Because there is no fixed or regulated price for prescription medicines, the price for Effer-K can vary greatly between pharmacies.   I highly recommend checking the price at several pharmacies to find the lowest cost.

Finding the pharmacy with the lowest cost is not the only way you can save money on your prescription. There are many websites and apps that offer discounts on Effer-K. I wanted to share a few of them with you because I think they may help you save money the next time you go to the pharmacy. Even if you have insurance, it pays to do a little research before going to the pharmacy because you may find you can get Effer-K even cheaper than your co-pay.

The following websites are all free to use and may help you find a better price for your Effer-K prescription.


Effer-K is the ONLY unflavored effervescent potassium citrate

Did you know that Effer-K® is the ONLY unflavored effervescent potassium citrate?

    Effer-K® Benefits:

    • Does not contain natural or synthetic dyes, flavors or sweetener
    • Available in 10, 20, & 25mEq
    • Dissolve in patient’s beverage of choice
    • Low cash price
    • Further discounts available through state discount drug card programs

    Effer-K® Unflavored is in stock nationwide with AmerisourceBergen customers, which means that if it’s not sitting on the pharmacy’s shelf, they will get it within 24 hours. AmerisourceBergen customers include (but are not limited to) Walgreens, Sam’s Club, Express Scripts and Medco.

Effer-K is covered on every state discount drug program

Both patients and practitioners frequently ask about the cost of Effer-K®. Because the pharmacy determines price and insurance coverage varies, consumer cost has been a difficult question to answer.

Now, however, thanks to the state drug card programs, we can provide a more accurate price for Effer-K®. Each state has a discount drug card program that is available to anyone at no cost. All you have to do is go on-line, prove you are a resident of the state and print off your discount drug card. When you bring your state discount drug card to the participating pharmacy (Walgreens, CVS, Kmart and many others), you receive discounts on many medications, Effer-K® being one of them.

The customer service rep for the Alaska drug card offered this explanation regarding how the card works.

“Our card will discount prescription medications that ARE NOT covered by your insurance plan, or if you have no insurance. You have the option at any time to use our card in lieu of your insurance; however, they cannot be used together. If your medication is not covered by your insurance, or for some reason you choose to not use your insurance (i.e. high deductibles, gap periods, etc.) you will tell your pharmacist to run our card as the primary.”

We visited every state drug card program and found the price of a 30 tablet supply of Effer-K® with the discount drug card to be:

Effer-K 10 mEq $15 – $18
Effer-K 20 mEq $18 – $20
Effer-K 25 mEq $8 – $11

In most cases, purchasing a 90 day supply reduced the cost even more.

To learn more about your state discount drug card program, please check out the table we created, summarizing every state program with links to the associated web site.

Humana puts Effer-K on their formulary

We recently received great news regarding Effer-K’s formulary status with Humana. According to the PDE Process Consultant at Humana, Effer-K is a preferred pharmaceutical on Humana’s formulary.

Humana is the third-largest pharmacy benefit network in the United States.   Patients who currently have Humana as a provider can get Effer-K at a low cost or co-pay. Humana has designated Effer-K to be a Tier-1 for all plans except the Wal-Mart plan, in which case it’s a Tier 2. (The Wal-Mart Tier 1 is reserved for $4 drugs.)

Here’s how the tiers work.

  • Tier 1- This drug is available at the lowest co-pay. Most commonly, these are generic drugs.
  • Tier 2- This drug is available at a middle level co-pay. Most commonly, these are “preferred” (on formulary) brand drugs.

If you are not part of the Humana plan, do not be dismayed. We are always working with other health insurance companies to obtain more comprehensive coverage for Effer-K.   Also – keep in mind that the cash price of Effer-K may be lower than your co-pay, so always ask about paying cash for Effer-K.

Effer-K is a great product for the self-dispensing physician.

Are you a self-dispensing physician? If so – consider dispensing Effer-K® 10, 20 and 25 mEq effervescent potassium citrate directly from your office.

Self-dispensing offers tremendous benefits for both your practice and your patients.

Having Effer-K® available in the office ensures that patients get the medication they need, avoiding delays or an additional trip to a pharmacy which improves overall patient satisfaction.

Self-dispensing also improves patient compliance. When patients are able to get their medications at their physicians’ offices, “the compliance rate…[improves] by more than 60%.”1

Self-dispensing medication also increases office productivity and revenue, as pharmacy collaboration is not required.  Offices will earn revenue from retailing Effer-K® while still offering patients a better price than what they would pay at the pharmacy.

Self-dispensing Effer-K® does not require stocking large quantities of product. Each dosage of Effer-K® is packaged with 12 cartons per case that include 30 individually wrapped, foil tablets per carton. Case prices range from $75 – $144.  All products are manufactured and distributed in St. Louis, Missouri and will be shipped via UPS.   For any questions about Effer-K® including issues regarding self-dispensing, please contact us.

Can I save money on potassium using my Missouri drug card?

If you are a resident of the state of Missouri and currently using Effer-K®, we have great news for you. Effer-K® is now part of the Missouri Drug Card Program.

The Missouri Drug Card is a FREE program that any resident of the state of Missouri can use.

This card will provide you with Rx medication savings of up to 75% at more than 56,000 pharmacies across the country including Schnucks, Kmart, CVS/pharmacy, Hy-Vee, Dierberg’s, Shop ’n Save, Pamida, Target, Walmart, Walgreens, and many more.

Go online to and register for your drug card in 1 minute.  The card is pre-activated and can be used immediately!

Information provided from

Good news from our patients for our patients – Effer-K $9 with Tricare insurance

We are always curious to hear what patients are paying for Effer-K at the pharmacy. Since Effer-K 10 mEq and 20 mEq are relatively new drugs, coverage from insurance company varies widely.  It takes time to get listed on different formularies and recognized by the insurance companies.  Fortunately Effer-K is not an expensive drug and in some cases, the patients insurance co-pay is more than paying outright for Effer-K.

Anyway, we were pleased to hear this week from a U.S. veteran from Sun City, Arizona who takes Effer-K.  His health insurance is provided by Tricare, a company that provides health insurance to military personnel and veterans. This patient paid just $9 for a 1 month supply of Effer-K.  So it appears that Tricare recognizes the benefit of Effer-K and covers our product for their members.  Thanks!

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