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Nomax Exhibits Effer-K at the AAFP FMX in New Orleans

The Effer-K team has made it home after exhibiting at the AAFP FMX conference in New Orleans!  AAFP is always a busy show for us and this year was no exception. We gave out 123 Effer-K voucher booklets (that allow patients to receive 1 box of free Effer-K at any pharmacy). Many physicians stopped by our booth, as they do every year, to tell us how much they love Effer-K. We are always happy to talk to these loyal fans.

In addition to the Effer-K-loving practitioners, we met several physicians who had never even heard of Effer-K. These physicians are always skeptical when we explain that it is a palatable potassium supplement, so we offer samples of Effer-K at our booth for doubters. The skeptics often become instant fans after trying the shot.

Once practitioners taste Effer-K they often follow up with questions about what types of drinks it can be dissolved in. Since Nomax makes an Unflavored Effer-K, we tell them it is virtually undetectable when dissolved in any ingestible liquid. One physician suggested (in jest) that it could even be dissolved in the popular New Orleans Hurricane drink. How’s that for a physician recommendation? 

We acquired several new Effer-K fans at this show. We even met some medical directors of nursing homes who decided they wanted to add Effer-K to their formulary. This show was definitely a huge success for us and we plan on returning next year! We look forward to seeing everyone at next year’s AAFP FMX which will be held at the Pennsylvania Convention Center in Philadelphia, PA – September 25th thru Sept. 27th.

Effer-K Meets Medscape at the AAFP FMX in Orlando, FL

We had great success exhibiting Effer-K at the AAFP FMX (Family Medicine Experience) in Orlando, FL last month. Not only did we have the opportunity to discuss the significant benefits of prescribing Effer-K with the many physicians in attendance, we also had the pleasure of meeting the exhibitors for Medscape. According to the Medscape website, Medscape is the leading online global destination for physicians and healthcare professionals worldwide. They offer the latest medical news, expert perspectives, essential point-of-care drug and disease information, relevant professional education, and CME.1

medscapeSince Medscape was exhibiting at a nearby booth, we saw this as a great opportunity to discuss the mutual benefit of listing Effer-K in their database. Fortunately, Medscape agreed that their members should have access to information about Effer-K, and they wasted no time in adding Effer-K to their prescription drug list. (We learned Effer-K had been added to the potassium bicarbonate/potassium citrate monograph soon after we returned from Orlando.) Because we are confident Medscape members will find huge value in the addition of Effer-K to the database, we are excited Medscape recognized the value and chose to add Effer-K.

We are thrilled to be listed on Medscape!


Effer-K exhibits in St. Charles, MO

Effer-K taste
These medical students are all smiles after tasting Effer-K for the first time!

While the Effer-K team enjoys all the interesting cities our travels take us to, we recognize there truly is no place like home.  So when it was announced that the 118th Missouri Osteopathic Annual Convention would be held in St. Charles, Missouri  in the beautiful St. Charles Convention Center this year – we jumped at the opportunity to exhibit. With over 250 physicians in attendance, we were extremely busy telling everyone all the wonderful benefits of prescribing Effer-K.

One of the many benefits of Effer-K for the patient is the taste. However, we have found that it’s not easy to convince people that a liquid potassium supplement can actually have a palatable taste. So – what’s our solution to this problem? Being that we are from the Show Me State – we SHOW THEM – of course! We could not think of a better way to demonstrate how the taste of Effer-K differs from the taste of other liquid potassium supplements than to have a taste test at our booth. Just look at the smiles on these attendees faces. Clearly Effer-K has won them over. Will the taste of Effer-K put a smile on your face? Request a free sample now.

Effer-K Exhibits at the GA Academy of Family Physicians (GAFP)

shutterstock_106518758 In early November I exhibited at the Georgia Academy of Family Physicians Annual Convention in Atlanta.  There were over 400 of GA’s FP’s medical doctors, students, and residents present.  I was very happy to introduce the product to many of them and to get confirmation that Effer-K is available on their EMR software.  Dr. Cook, of Tucker, GA, was the winner of the VISA Gift Card.  Congratulations Dr. Cook!

Effer-K exhibits at AAFP – American Academy of Family Physicians in San Diego

20130930-104525.jpgAt the end of September, Effer-K made an appearance at the AAFP (American Academy of Family Physicians) show in San Diego, CA. This is a huge event with a few thousand physicians in attendance, which presented a great opportunity to introduce our product to family physicians who had never heard about Effer-K.

While we were there, we met Dr. Frank Domino, a Massachusetts-based family physician affiliated with the University of Massachusetts, who made a presentation at the conference about the benefit of potassium in lowering patients’ blood pressure and risk for stroke. He suggested that the addition of potassium to a patient’s to a patient’s diet might be more effective than reducing salt.

After his talk, several physicians who had been in attendance stopped by and requested samples of Effer-K for their practices – citing the talk as inspiration. Then, Dr. Domino, himself stopped into our booth and ordered samples for his office. Dr. Domino later shared all of the references for his talk with us (see below).

Now that we have had a chance to recover and get all our samples out to our requesting physicians, we are gearing up for AAFP next year (in Washington, D.C.!) Thanks to everyone who stopped by our booth.

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Effer-K exhibits at the New Jersey Academy of Family Practice Physicians

Effer-K exhibits at the NJAFP in Atlantic City, NJ The Effer-K sales reps really got around this summer.  We exhibited in all corners of the United States – from California to Boston to Dallas.  One of the other stops we made was in Atlantic City, NJ at the New Jersey Academy of Family Physicians‘ meeting.

Once again, it was exciting to hear from so many family doctors who are already prescribing Effer-K and meet new ones who wanted to learn more.  We also held a drawing for a $100 Visa gift card and are pleased to announce that Tricia Kroth was the lucky recipient!

Thanks to all the New Jersey docs who stopped by our both.

Effer-K Exhibits in California and Massachusetts

Effer-K in Anaheim, CA

August has been a busy month for Effer-K appearances.   Lately we have been attending family physician meetings where Effer-K is generally very well received.

In early August, I attended the ACOFP CA convention in Anaheim, CA.  The convention was held at the lovely Disneyland Resort, (the original hotel built by Walt Disney) located at the entrance to Downtown Disney and theme parks.  I met with many wonderful physicians and exhibitors.  Physicians from Kaiser Permanente discussed how Effer-K is available on their formulary.

We gave away a $100 VISA Gift card and the winner was Dr. Chow of Anaheim, CA.  Congratulations Dr. Chow!

Effer-K booth at the Anaheim show
Our new and improved Effer-K graphics debuted on our display at the ROME show.

Later in the month, I exhibited at the 2013 Regional Osteopathic Medical Education Conference (ROME) in Boston, MA.   The conference was held at the Sheraton Boston, in the heart of Back Bay shopping district and just blocks from the Charles River.  This meeting was a terrific opportunity to discuss Effer-K and it’s availability with 115 physicians from CT, MA, RI, and neighboring states.  I had an in-depth conversation with a physician wanting to use Effer-K for her pediatric patient on a Ketogenic diet.  I did inform the doctor that Effer-K does not have an indication for pediatrics.

Congratulations Dr. Kozar, the winner of our  $100 VISA gift card at the ROME show.

Thank you to everyone at both shows who stopped by our booth.

Our next big show will be the American Academy of Family Practice Physicians in San Diego, CA coming up at the end of September. We hope to see you all there.

Effer-K Exhibits at TOMA & TXACOFP 6th Joint Annual Convention

Hello Texas!
This June we made our first appearance in Texas, exhibiting at the TOMA (Texas Osteopathic Medical Association) & TXACOFP (The Texas chapter of the Amercian College of Osteopathic Family Physicians) 6th Joint Annual Convention. D.O.s from all over the state (and even some from outside Texas) attended the meeting in Frisco (outside of Dallas).

Let’s just say the Texas physicians seemed to be very interested in Effer-K. We got a record number of sample requests, and many practitioners who told us they had already been writing for Effer-K and giving samples to their patients.

While we were there we did a drawing for a $100 Visa gift card. The winner was Dr. Laura Stiles from Rockwall, Texas, who seemed genuinely surprised and happy to have won.

Thank you to all who stopped by our booth and shared your experiences in prescribing Effer-K to your patients.

Effer-K exhibits at the Nebraska Academy of Family Physicians 65th Annual Meeting and Scientific Assembly

nebraska-showOn April 11th I attended the Nebraska Academy of Family Physicians 65th Annual Meeting and Scientific Assembly. The exhibit was held at the Omaha Ramada, and I met with 152 of Nebraska’s finest physicians to discuss Effer-K and it’s availibility. In speaking with a physician he notified me that Effer-K is on formulary at Cambridge Memorial Hospital, NE.

We gave away a $100 VISA Gift card and the winner was Dr Kathleen Bliese-Walk Grand Island, NE.

Thank you to everyone who stopped by our booth.

Effer-K Exhibits at the Illinois Osteopathic Society’s Annual Winter Scientific Seminar

effer-k showLast weekend, Effer-K sales rep, Kimberly, exhibited at the Illinois Osteopathic Medical Society’s Annual Winter Scientific Seminar in Lombard, Illinois. She received a lot of interest in Effer-K, bringing back several Effer-K sample requests from physicians she met at the conference.

One interaction in particular holds a lot of promise for getting greater distribution of Effer-K within the state of Illinos. Kimberly relayed…

I was approached by a physician that is the Director of E.R. at an Illinois hospital. He was thrilled to learn about Effer-K and start using it. He explained that in the emergency room setting, there is a great need to quickly increase patient’s potassium. Tablets will often not do that.

Thank you to everyone who stopped by our booth at this meeting. If you were not able to see us in Lombard this past weekend and are a patient or physician who would like to try Effer-K, please request samples via our web site:

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