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Effer-K gives people a new outlook on taking their prescription potassium supplement

A few weeks ago I received a sample request from Joe, a customer who was unhappy with the prescription potassium supplement he was taking. This is not the first time I have been contacted by an individual who disliked their prescription potassium supplement and, even though each story is unique, these stories seem to have a few things in common. Many people tell me they have taken the tablet form of potassium as well as the liquid and powder forms. The complaints are all the same – the large tablet is too hard to swallow and the liquid and powder forms taste awful. While being hard to ingest seems to be a good enough reason to search for an alternative to these forms of potassium, people tell me it is not the worst part of their experience. They often tell me if they manage to get the large tablet or foul tasting liquid/powder to go down, it causes various intestinal troubles.

Like many others who have contacted me, Joe’s prescription potassium supplement caused him a great deal of suffering and he had little hope left for finding a potassium supplement that he could bear to ingest and his stomach could tolerate. This is what Joe had to say when he first contacted me:

“I am having a tough time finding a potassium that doesn’t ‘eat my guts’ & make me start with excuses to myself to NOT take it – I have tried all the pills & powders so I’m hoping this (Effer-K) ‘is the ticket’.”

I have found that people who have the chance to try Effer-K have a new outlook on taking their prescription potassium supplement. Therefore words cannot describe how thrilled I am to offer people like Joe the opportunity to try a free sample of Effer-K. With the help of Joe’s physician and pharmacist, he was able to try a sample. And after trying Effer-K, he was eager to tell me about his experience. This is what Joe told me:

“I was taking Klor-Con for a few years at about 7 meq (a 20 meq cut into thirds) every other day & kept my ‘readings’ at 3.5 to 3.8 with no seeming effect on my innards.  Last May I was in the hospital for A-Fib & the doctors felt my Potassium was low & put me on 20 meq Klor-Con per day, a 600% increase.  I started to have ‘problems’ & it took me a month to ‘figure out’ what was the problem (as they had started several other Rx).  I started to modulate the intake of Potassium with some improvement & tried 10 meq(uncut) & then powdered w/ water with NOT much improvement.  I was having sharp pains up to about a 7 almost all the time in my lower tract & got ‘referred’ to Effer-K, after almost 6 months of agony.  In the first week with Effer-K the pain went down to about a 2 and by 10 days was gone. 

I have been taking the Effer-K plain (20 meq) cut in half interspersed alternately with the Citrus (25 meq) also cut in half for almost a month now with vastly improved BMs & NO pain & my labs are keeping the doctors happy.  I love this stuff & only regret that my Medicare doesn’t cover the cost, but it’s worth paying the $14 – $25 for the intestinal relief.”

After receiving Joe’s testimonial with his only regret being the cost of Effer-K, I realized in my excitement to help him get a free sample, I had forgotten to tell him about the various discount prescription drug websites that can help people save money on the cost of prescription drugs that are not covered by insurance. I was able to find Effer-K for between $9 – 19 (qty 30) on

Joe has finally found a prescription potassium supplement that is easy to swallow, does not taste awful, and does not upset his stomach. And, after I sent the coupon to him, he is happy with the cost as well.

Need help getting Effer-K at your pharmacy?

Did your pharmacy tell you they are unable to order Effer-K? Or maybe your pharmacy even told you Effer-K is on backorder. If you encounter this problem, contact us and we can help your pharmacy get Effer-K.

Occasionally we hear from customers like this who have difficulty getting Effer-K. While this is a rare occurrence, we wanted to address the issue so our customers know we are here to help you if you experience any trouble getting Effer-K.

Effer-K is NOT on backorder. Effer-K is available in every flavor and strength (mEq) and in most cases we can have an order shipped to your pharmacy within one day of your request. So – if you have any trouble getting Effer-K please contact us.


Effer-K is recommended for patients suffering from hypokalemic periodic paralysis (HKPP) for quick potassium repletion

We recently discovered that Effer-K was being recommended for patients suffering from hypokalemic periodic paralysis for quick potassium repletion. See: In fact, at this time, Effer-K is the only medication recommended on their web site.

Thanks to a mention on the HKPP web site, patients are finding out about Effer-K and requesting samples on our site.

Here’s a excerpt from an e-mail we received from a patient who suffers from HKPP.

I have been diagnosed with hypokalemic periodic paralysis and read about your product on the informative websites regarding the diagnosis.

It is being proscribed to stop paralytic attacks. I found that CVS could order it for me.

It’s always great to hear the Effer-K is being found by people who need it the most. Thanks for the info.

Mother of 9 Year Old Finds Relief with Effer-K for Daughter’s Hypokalemia from Diuretic

We recently heard the following story from a mother of a child who could not tolerate large potassium tablets.  Effer-K has been the perfect solution.

My daughter, age 9, was put on potassium pills due to a daily diuretic.  It became a daily struggle to  get her to take her large potassium pills that tasted awful, and she needed four a day.  My pharmacist told me about Effer-K® and that it dissolved in liquid and her dose came in two flavors. My daughter tried it and now takes it twice a day by putting in orange juice,  iced tea or any sweet drink. It has taken the sting out of taking her potassium.

Because of it’s low cost (it is actually less than my co-pay for the generic potassium pills) and it’s effectiveness – Effer-K has become a perfect solution for me and my daughter.

Thank you!!!

Joy A.

Patient calls Effer-K her “miracle potassium”

We just received a new sample request from a physician in Memphis, TN. We had sent samples to her office in the past.  But a recent interaction with a patient prompted her to seek more.

The physician described the patient as someone who “can’t take anything,” and had been previously non-compliant in taking her potassium.  As a last-ditch effort – she gave her samples of Effer-K and she absolutely loved them.  She calls her Effer-K the “miracle potassium!”

We are so happy to hear that!

An update on our young patient with liver disease suffering with hand cramps

A few days ago we blogged about a young patient with  chronic liver disease who was suffering from hand cramps.  The potassium he was given initially was so foul tasting that he couldn’t get it down. So, his physician prescribed Effer-K to increase his potassium and get rid of the hand cramps. See:

Well – we heard from his physician today and this is what she reported:

“So far so good – no hand cramps since he started taking [Effer-K] – thanks again and he and his brother are playing games throwing the other awful tasting stuff down the toilet and watching it fizz!!!!!!”

We are still thinking of our young friend and impressed by his creative solution for other brands of potassium.

Effer-K to alleviate hand cramping in a young patient with a chronic liver disease

We recently received a sample request for Effer-K from a young patient who was born with Biliary Atresia (a chronic liver diesease) in 2003. He has done well over the last 6 years but his health began to deteriorate last year. He is now #1 on both the adult and pediatric transplant list at this time and has been waiting for several weeks for a compatible cadaveric donor.

Recently he began having horrible cramps in his hands to the point that he screams and cries. His physician prescribed him Effer-K to increase his potassium intake and alleviate the cramping.  We were happy to be able to offer the 10 mEq Effer-K (actually overnighting the samples to his doctor), which is the perfect dosage for a young child in his condition.

We are all thinking about our young Effer-K fan and will update everyone on how the Effer-K worked for him.

Good news from our patients for our patients – Effer-K $9 with Tricare insurance

We are always curious to hear what patients are paying for Effer-K at the pharmacy. Since Effer-K 10 mEq and 20 mEq are relatively new drugs, coverage from insurance company varies widely.  It takes time to get listed on different formularies and recognized by the insurance companies.  Fortunately Effer-K is not an expensive drug and in some cases, the patients insurance co-pay is more than paying outright for Effer-K.

Anyway, we were pleased to hear this week from a U.S. veteran from Sun City, Arizona who takes Effer-K.  His health insurance is provided by Tricare, a company that provides health insurance to military personnel and veterans. This patient paid just $9 for a 1 month supply of Effer-K.  So it appears that Tricare recognizes the benefit of Effer-K and covers our product for their members.  Thanks!

Potassium for the Purists

This week we received an inquiry about Effer-K from Nancy*, from Reno, Nevada who is a self-described purist.   Nancy had been diagnosed with low potassium in her teens.  She has other medical issues as well, which motivated her to become a “purist”.  (A person who tries to avoid contamination).

Specifically, Nancy was trying to avoid sodium benzoate, a food preservative that was present in the form of potassium she had been prescribed. Sodium benzoate, when combined with Vitamin C creates benzene,  a known carcinogen.   In her search to find a medication that adhered to her purist principles, Nancy discovered Effer-K.

Nancy’s concerns caused us to take a closer look at the ingredients in Effer-K.  None of the varieties of Effer-K contain sodium benzoate.  In addition, Effer-K 10 and 20 mEq Unflavored contain no artificial dyes or sweeteners, and the 10 and 20 mEq flavored varieties of Effer-K are sweetened with sucralose (not saccharin).  For more information about the exact ingredients in Effer- K, please see the package insert which is listed on our web site.

Nancy is looking forward to trying our Effer-K 20mEq Unflavored potassium citrate and has requested her free one-month trial of Effer-K.  And we are looking forward to hearing how it goes. So we are happy to accomodate you, Nancy, our newest fan of Effer-K, and all the other purists out there in need of potassium repletion.

* Not her real name.

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