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Effer-K does not contain lactose

Many of the questions we get about Effer-K® are ones we are used to answering. But, occasionally, we get an inquiry that challenges us to learn even more about our product.

A few weeks ago we received a call from a pediatric nurse practitioner who wanted to prescribe Effer-K® to a child who needed potassium supplementation. She was excited about the Unflavored Effer-K® because it could be effervesced (and go undetected) in the child’s favorite drink. This child, however, was severely lactose intolerant, so the nurse practitioner was wondering if Effer-K® contained lactose?

After a bit of research we were able to confirm that Effer-K® does not contain lactose and is safe for patients who are lactose intolerant. What we were surprised to learn is that lactose can be found in many non-dairy products such as some types of bread, lunch meat and cereal. According to the Cleveland Clinic, “lactose is also present in about 20 percent of prescription medications, and about 6 percent of over-the-counter medications.” Fortunately, though, not in Effer-K®.

Mother of 9 Year Old Finds Relief with Effer-K for Daughter’s Hypokalemia from Diuretic

We recently heard the following story from a mother of a child who could not tolerate large potassium tablets.  Effer-K has been the perfect solution.

My daughter, age 9, was put on potassium pills due to a daily diuretic.  It became a daily struggle to  get her to take her large potassium pills that tasted awful, and she needed four a day.  My pharmacist told me about Effer-K® and that it dissolved in liquid and her dose came in two flavors. My daughter tried it and now takes it twice a day by putting in orange juice,  iced tea or any sweet drink. It has taken the sting out of taking her potassium.

Because of it’s low cost (it is actually less than my co-pay for the generic potassium pills) and it’s effectiveness – Effer-K has become a perfect solution for me and my daughter.

Thank you!!!

Joy A.

An update on our young patient with liver disease suffering with hand cramps

A few days ago we blogged about a young patient with  chronic liver disease who was suffering from hand cramps.  The potassium he was given initially was so foul tasting that he couldn’t get it down. So, his physician prescribed Effer-K to increase his potassium and get rid of the hand cramps. See:

Well – we heard from his physician today and this is what she reported:

“So far so good – no hand cramps since he started taking [Effer-K] – thanks again and he and his brother are playing games throwing the other awful tasting stuff down the toilet and watching it fizz!!!!!!”

We are still thinking of our young friend and impressed by his creative solution for other brands of potassium.

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