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Effer-K exhibits in St. Charles, MO

Effer-K taste
These medical students are all smiles after tasting Effer-K for the first time!

While the Effer-K team enjoys all the interesting cities our travels take us to, we recognize there truly is no place like home.  So when it was announced that the 118th Missouri Osteopathic Annual Convention would be held in St. Charles, Missouri  in the beautiful St. Charles Convention Center this year – we jumped at the opportunity to exhibit. With over 250 physicians in attendance, we were extremely busy telling everyone all the wonderful benefits of prescribing Effer-K.

One of the many benefits of Effer-K for the patient is the taste. However, we have found that it’s not easy to convince people that a liquid potassium supplement can actually have a palatable taste. So – what’s our solution to this problem? Being that we are from the Show Me State – we SHOW THEM – of course! We could not think of a better way to demonstrate how the taste of Effer-K differs from the taste of other liquid potassium supplements than to have a taste test at our booth. Just look at the smiles on these attendees faces. Clearly Effer-K has won them over. Will the taste of Effer-K put a smile on your face? Request a free sample now.

Are you or your patients getting tired of orange flavored effervescent potassium?

Are you or your patients taking effervescent potassium citrate but tired of the orange flavor?  Did you know that Effer-K is the only effervescent potassium citrate available in flavors other than orange? Effer-K 25 mEq is available in a variety of flavors: Orange (of course), Lemon Citrus and Cherry Berry. Effer-K 20 mEq is available in Orange Cream and Effer-K 10 mEq is available in Cherry Vanilla.

Do you or your patients not like any flavor at all?  Effer-K is also the only effervescent potassium citrate available in an unflavored form. Unflavored Effer-K can be dissolved in any beverage of choice.  Typically patients dissolve Effer-K in some type of juice but other beverages will work as well.  We have heard of patients who dissolve Effer-K in Coke. We even have dissolved Effer-K in Ensure (a nutrition drink) inspired by a doctor’s request. And, yes, it does dissolve.  It just takes a few minutes.

So if you are looking for an alternative to the Orange flavored potassium citrate, give Effer-K a try.   For physician or patient samples, please visit our web site.

California urologist is “excited about Effer-K,” effervescent potassium citrate

We were so thrilled to receive a letter (yes – a real letter on professional letterhead – people still write letters!) from a urologist in California. He requested samples of Effer-K 10 and 20 mEq. He wrote:

“I am excited about this product (Effer-K) and its value to patients who may need a simple/tasteful source of K+ Citrate.”

Yes! That is EXACTLY what Effer-K is designed to be: a simple, tasteful, and inexpensive form of potassium citrate. Effer-K comes in a variety of flavors as well as an unflavored effervescent tablet that can be added to a patient’s beverage of choice.

Both physicians and individuals can request samples of Effer-K on our web site:

An update on our young patient with liver disease suffering with hand cramps

A few days ago we blogged about a young patient with  chronic liver disease who was suffering from hand cramps.  The potassium he was given initially was so foul tasting that he couldn’t get it down. So, his physician prescribed Effer-K to increase his potassium and get rid of the hand cramps. See:

Well – we heard from his physician today and this is what she reported:

“So far so good – no hand cramps since he started taking [Effer-K] – thanks again and he and his brother are playing games throwing the other awful tasting stuff down the toilet and watching it fizz!!!!!!”

We are still thinking of our young friend and impressed by his creative solution for other brands of potassium.

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