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Effer-K to alleviate hand cramping in a young patient with a chronic liver disease

We recently received a sample request for Effer-K from a young patient who was born with Biliary Atresia (a chronic liver diesease) in 2003. He has done well over the last 6 years but his health began to deteriorate last year. He is now #1 on both the adult and pediatric transplant list at this time and has been waiting for several weeks for a compatible cadaveric donor.

Recently he began having horrible cramps in his hands to the point that he screams and cries. His physician prescribed him Effer-K to increase his potassium intake and alleviate the cramping.  We were happy to be able to offer the 10 mEq Effer-K (actually overnighting the samples to his doctor), which is the perfect dosage for a young child in his condition.

We are all thinking about our young Effer-K fan and will update everyone on how the Effer-K worked for him.

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