Effer-K is the ONLY unflavored effervescent potassium citrate

Did you know that Effer-K® is the ONLY unflavored effervescent potassium citrate?

    Effer-K® Benefits:

    • Does not contain natural or synthetic dyes, flavors or sweetener
    • Available in 10, 20, & 25mEq
    • Dissolve in patient’s beverage of choice
    • Low cash price
    • Further discounts available through state discount drug card programs http://www.efferk.com/StateDrugCardDiscounts

    Effer-K® Unflavored is in stock nationwide with AmerisourceBergen customers, which means that if it’s not sitting on the pharmacy’s shelf, they will get it within 24 hours. AmerisourceBergen customers include (but are not limited to) Walgreens, Sam’s Club, Express Scripts and Medco.

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