Effer-K vouchers are here!

voucher pictureAs you may recall, a few weeks ago we wrote about our new voucher program that we were implementing to streamline the process of sampling Effer-K. At that point, we were waiting for our vouchers to arrive so that we could ship them out to everyone who had requested samples. Well the vouchers have arrived and were mailed out last week! 

In fact, some practitioners may have already received their vouchers in the mail. If you have not received your vouchers but have requested samples, please watch the mail – your vouchers are on the way! We apologize for any inconvenience the wait for samples may have caused you. However, we are confident you will be pleased with the new Effer-K voucher program.

Physicians can now request both paper and digital vouchers on our website. Requesting vouchers on our website is simple and fast. Once your have created an account, simply login and choose which voucher format you prefer: printed vouchers or digital vouchers. 

If you have any questions about vouchers or if you need help requesting vouchers please contact me.


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