New Effer-K Distributors - Morris & Dickson and North Carolina Mutual Wholesale Drug Company

As many hospitals and physicians have chosen Effer-K as a preferred prescription potassium supplement, we continue to work to ensure that Effer-K is available at every pharmaceutical distributor. We are pleased to welcome two new Effer-K distributors – Morris & Dickson and North Carolina Mutual Wholesale Drug Company!

Morris & Dickson is a fifth generation, family owned company headquartered in Shreveport, LA. According to the company website, Morris & Dickson is one of the oldest and most successful pharmaceutical wholesaler organizations in the country. If you are a Morris & Dickson customer and you would like to order Effer-K please see our ordering information page for more information on how you can order.

North Carolina Mutual Wholesale Drug Company is the sixth largest pharmaceutical wholesaler in the United States. The company serves over 500 pharmacies in North Carolina. As the company website states, the Board of Directors is made up of pharmacy owners. The company is unique because it is owned and operated by its members. If you are a member and would like ordering information, please see our ordering information page.

We are excited to be working with Morris & Dickson and North Carolina Mutual Wholesaler Drug Company!


A father determined to help his daughter get Effer-K

I am always happy to help our customers when they experience difficulty getting Effer-K at their pharmacy.  Now that we have built a solid distribution channel – it doesn’t happen often, but occasionally these situations do arise.  Not long ago I was contacted by the father of a customer who was having this problem. I wanted to share this story because I was touched by this father’s determination to help his daughter.

Marie is an Effer-K customer who was born with an intestinal birth defect which requires her to take potassium daily. Marie has taken Effer-K with great success but her pharmacist recently informed her he could no longer get Effer-K from the pharmacy’s supplier. This was devastating news for Marie because she had taken other products in the past and they had caused her severe pain. Effer-K was the only product she was able to take without pain. But what choice did she have? She could no longer get Effer-K, so she was forced to take another product. She feared she was doomed to spend the rest of her life in pain.

Lucky for Marie, her father, Nick, was not willing to accept that his daughter would spend the rest of her life suffering because she could not get Effer-K. Nick did a little research and found my phone number. Nick called Marie with the good news. He had found the manufacturer of Effer-K! While Marie was appreciative of her father’s help, she did not think anything would come of his discovery. She had a picture in her head of a huge “Pharma-Giant bureaucracy” and she did not think Nick would actually be able to talk to a human being. Nick, however, was not deterred by this.

Nick decided to call the number he had found and find out why the pharmacy could no longer get Effer-K from the supplier. When Nick reached me, he explained that the pharmacy told him that Effer-K was on backorder.  I assured him that this was definitely not the case and that I could ship an order that day if needed. After talking to Nick, I contacted the supplier for the pharmacy and they agreed to place an order.

It was that easy. I requested an order, and the supplier placed an order. To me, I was just doing my job, but to Nick who has watched Marie suffer her whole life until she found Effer-K, this was a blessing. Hearing Nick’s excitement upon finding out his daughter would be able to get the medicine she needed made me realize what a considerable impact Effer-K has on the quality of life for so many people. I am grateful for the opportunity to help people like Nick and Marie.

Please read the testimonials submitted by Nick and Marie.

If you need help getting Effer-K at your pharmacy please don’t hesitate to call or email me.

Welcome our new Effer-K distributor – Prescription Supply!

Now that Effer-K has been on the market for a few years – it’s pretty easy for patients to get their Effer-K prescription filled at almost any pharmacy.   We ship pallets of Effer-K out to many pharmaceutical wholesalers each week – including “the big 3,” Cardinal, McKesson and AmerisourceBergen.  These wholesalers supply most of the big pharmacy chains and mail-order drug suppliers in the country.

However, the Big 3 are not the only suppliers around.  There are several smaller wholesalers with different niches who also carry Effer-K.   Recently, we learned of one of these suppliers via a pharmacist who contacted us.  She explained that she would like to order Effer-K, but couldn’t, because it wasn’t available at her distributor, Prescription Supply.

Prescription Supply is a family-owned distributor based out of Toledo, Ohio who prides themselves on excellent customer service and rapid delivery.  When we contacted them about this dilemma,  they were more than happy to help their customer get the Effer-K they needed. They placed an order and now stock a variety of strengths and flavors.

Are you a Prescription Supply customer? Effer-K can be ordered through Prescription Supply by calling 1-800-777-0761.

We are excited for the opportunity to work with Prescription Supply!

Need help getting Effer-K at your pharmacy?

Did your pharmacy tell you they are unable to order Effer-K? Or maybe your pharmacy even told you Effer-K is on backorder. If you encounter this problem, contact us and we can help your pharmacy get Effer-K.

Occasionally we hear from customers like this who have difficulty getting Effer-K. While this is a rare occurrence, we wanted to address the issue so our customers know we are here to help you if you experience any trouble getting Effer-K.

Effer-K is NOT on backorder. Effer-K is available in every flavor and strength (mEq) and in most cases we can have an order shipped to your pharmacy within one day of your request. So – if you have any trouble getting Effer-K please contact us.


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