Effer-K is recommended for patients suffering from hypokalemic periodic paralysis (HKPP) for quick potassium repletion

We recently discovered that Effer-K was being recommended for patients suffering from hypokalemic periodic paralysis for quick potassium repletion. See: http://www.periodicparalysis.org/english/View.asp?x=573 In fact, at this time, Effer-K is the only medication recommended on their web site.

Thanks to a mention on the HKPP web site, patients are finding out about Effer-K and requesting samples on our site.

Here’s a excerpt from an e-mail we received from a patient who suffers from HKPP.

I have been diagnosed with hypokalemic periodic paralysis and read about your product on the informative websites regarding the diagnosis.

It is being proscribed to stop paralytic attacks. I found that CVS could order it for me.

It’s always great to hear the Effer-K is being found by people who need it the most. Thanks for the info.

Effer-K helps patients recover from hypokalemic periodic paralysis attacks

A few months ago we heard from Wade, who raved about how effective Effer-K has been in managing his HKPP, Hypokalemic Periodic Paralysis,  symptoms. In his correspondence with us, he explained how much easier  Effer-K is to take than other potassium solutions and how much faster it helps him recover from an attack.  Read Wade’s testimonial.    Learn more about Wade on his blog.

We didn’t know much about HKPP, before meeting Wade. However, his correspondence brought the condition to our attention and has led us to many other people associated with HKPP who were also interested in trying Effer-K.  For example, a few months after meeting Wade, we came into contact with Jacob Levitt, M.D., F.A.A.D., President and Medical Director of the Periodic Paralysis Association.

The Periodic Paralysis Association is a Non-profit Charitable Corporation founded to foster awareness of the periodic paralyses, promote science-based information regarding this class of disorder, and champion the interests of the Periodic Paralysis Community.

Not only is Dr. Levitt the president of the PPA, he also suffers from HKPP.  Dr. Levitt requested samples of Effer-K for himself as well as his patients. To enhance understanding of horrific a HKPP attack can be, Dr. Levitt posted a video of him having a self induced attack on the PPA website. While going through the attack he is dictating what is going on and how difficult basics things would be. This video/awareness to this condition was a real eye opener.

We are so pleased to be able to offer a product that helps HKPP patients avoid and recover from such an attack.


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