California urologist is “excited about Effer-K,” effervescent potassium citrate

We were so thrilled to receive a letter (yes – a real letter on professional letterhead – people still write letters!) from a urologist in California. He requested samples of Effer-K 10 and 20 mEq. He wrote:

“I am excited about this product (Effer-K) and its value to patients who may need a simple/tasteful source of K+ Citrate.”

Yes! That is EXACTLY what Effer-K is designed to be: a simple, tasteful, and inexpensive form of potassium citrate. Effer-K comes in a variety of flavors as well as an unflavored effervescent tablet that can be added to a patient’s beverage of choice.

Both physicians and individuals can request samples of Effer-K on our web site:

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