Effer-K Patient Vouchers are Available

We recently started a voucher program offering coupons for one free 30-tablet-box of Effer-K that physicians could obtain for their patients.  In the past month or so, many physicians have received vouchers and passed them on to their patients.  It has been thrilling to see the vouchers getting redeemed at pharmacies over the country. 

But what about patients who want to get the voucher for themselves?  We are pleased to let patients currently prescribed Effer-K or interested in trying Effer-K that we have expanded the program to allow patients to request vouchers for a free box of Effer-K!  

Vouchers can be printed quickly and easily on our website. If you are unable to print a voucher, we would be happy to mail a voucher to you. Please fill out the online patient voucher request form and indicate your preference of printing a voucher or having a voucher mailed to you. If for any reason you cannot fill out the online form please call me to request a voucher.

Once you obtain your voucher, simply take it to any pharmacy with your current Effer-K prescription and you will receive one free box of 30-tablet Effer-K.  

Please keep in mind that you WILL need a prescription to use your Effer-K voucher, so talk to your doctor about how Effer-K may benefit you.

Free Trial Vouchers Coming Soon!

We would like to thank you for your patience as we have been overhauling our Effer-K sampling program. For those physicians who have pending sample requests, instead of sending you physical vouchers (as we have in the past), we will be mailing you vouchers that your patients can take to any pharmacy and get a free box of Effer-K.  You can expect these free trial vouchers to arrive later in September. 

While the physical samples we have sent in the past have helped give your patients a chance to try Effer-K at no cost, we recognize the need to make the program more convenient for physicians and patients. We have heard that many physicians do not have storage space to keep samples or are not allowed to keep samples in the office. The new voucher program eliminates this problem.

Another problem that will be solved with the new voucher program is the wait time for samples to ship. Physicians will now have the ability to print vouchers in their office. Having the ability to print vouchers from the office will allow your patients to take the voucher to their pharmacy and try Effer-K the same day.

Perhaps the biggest advantage of the new free trial voucher program is the physician’s freedom to offer their patients a free trial of the exact flavor and mEq that is right for each individual patient. The free trial voucher can be used for any type of 30 tablet box of Effer-K (10 mEq Unflavored, 10 mEq Cherry Vanilla, 20 mEq Unflavored, 20 mEq Orange Cream, 25 mEq Unflavored, 25 mEq Orange, 25 mEq Lemon Citrus, and 25 mEq Cherry Berry). The physician and patient are no longer limited to the mEq and flavor option the physician happened to have on the shelf.

Thank you again for your continued interest in Effer-K and remember to watch the mail for your Effer-K free trial vouchers. If you have not yet requested a sample and you would like us to send you a pack of free trial vouchers, please request a sample. Your free trial vouchers will be mailed later in September.


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