Effer-K Exhibits at the Illinois Osteopathic Society’s Annual Winter Scientific Seminar

effer-k showLast weekend, Effer-K sales rep, Kimberly, exhibited at the Illinois Osteopathic Medical Society’s Annual Winter Scientific Seminar in Lombard, Illinois. She received a lot of interest in Effer-K, bringing back several Effer-K sample requests from physicians she met at the conference.

One interaction in particular holds a lot of promise for getting greater distribution of Effer-K within the state of Illinos. Kimberly relayed…

I was approached by a physician that is the Director of E.R. at an Illinois hospital. He was thrilled to learn about Effer-K and start using it. He explained that in the emergency room setting, there is a great need to quickly increase patient’s potassium. Tablets will often not do that.

Thank you to everyone who stopped by our booth at this meeting. If you were not able to see us in Lombard this past weekend and are a patient or physician who would like to try Effer-K, please request samples via our web site: http://www.efferk.com

Effer-K is recommended for patients suffering from hypokalemic periodic paralysis (HKPP) for quick potassium repletion

We recently discovered that Effer-K was being recommended for patients suffering from hypokalemic periodic paralysis for quick potassium repletion. See: http://www.periodicparalysis.org/english/View.asp?x=573 In fact, at this time, Effer-K is the only medication recommended on their web site.

Thanks to a mention on the HKPP web site, patients are finding out about Effer-K and requesting samples on our site.

Here’s a excerpt from an e-mail we received from a patient who suffers from HKPP.

I have been diagnosed with hypokalemic periodic paralysis and read about your product on the informative websites regarding the diagnosis.

It is being proscribed to stop paralytic attacks. I found that CVS could order it for me.

It’s always great to hear the Effer-K is being found by people who need it the most. Thanks for the info.

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