Frequently Asked Questions

What does Effer-K® cost? 

Effer-K® is potassium, and all potassium supplements are inexpensive. It's cost is comparable to other solid and liquid potassium.

Is Effer-K® covered by insurance? What about Medicare/Medicaid Coverage? 

It depends. However, the cost of Effer-K® is occasionally below some insurance co-pays. If you have questions about insurance coverage, please contact us.

Does Effer-K® contain sodium? 

No. Please see the Effer-K® package insert 10 & 20mEq or 25mEq for a list of ingredients.

Can Effer-K® be given concomitantly with other drugs (use as vehicle to swallow other medications)?

In most cases, however check with your pharmacist before taking any medication with Effer-K®.

What are the consequences of K levels that are too high or too low?

hyperkalemia = K levels > 5.5 mEq/liter
The patient is at risk for cardiac dysrhythmias, generalized weakness, palpitations, Paralysishypokalemia = K levels < 3.5 mEq/liter.
the patient is at risk for palpitations, muscle weakness or cramping, nausea, vomiting, constipation, psychosis, delirium, hallucinations, and depression.

Is Effer-K® available in pharmacies?

Many wholesalers currently stock Effer-K. Please see the ordering information page for the appropriate order entry number. If you have trouble obtaining Effer-K®, please contact us.

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Manufactured by Nomax Inc. Made in the USA

Warning: In patients with hyperkalemia and impaired mechanisms for excreting potassium, the administration of potassium salts can produce hyperkalemia and cardiac arrest.

Note: Effer-K is not equivalent to KCl. It is potassium citrate in solution, not potassium chloride. While potassium citrate can be used to elevate potassium levels, it is not recommended for patients who have metabolic alkalosis or acid/base disorders. It may result in the alteration of the acid/base balance.