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"My name is Marie E. and I take potassium supplements due to a intestinal birth defect. I live on an island in Maine and it takes an hour and a half to get to "civilization" so being able to get our prescriptions from the pharmacy, (which is in the Ace Hardware store) is a luxury. Taking K tablets created increased pain especially over time so I would often times skip my medications which , of course created more difficulties sometimes resulting in yet another surgery.

I give this background information so that you can understand the true joy when my sister, a chemotherapy RN, discovered Effer-K. My intestines are able to absorb the Effer-K without pain. A Miracle! After several years of getting your wonderful product, it suddenly became unavailable. Panic does not encompass my feelings. I did not hold out much hope, even when my tenacious Brigadier General Dad told me he made contact with someone in your company.

I didn't realize you had Angels on your staff. Between Julie Farrell and my Hero of a father, my hope , my sanity ,and my intestines have been restored beyond any expectations I may have had.

Julie, I truly cannot express my gratitude properly for Julie Farrell. She didn't just do her job, she put on her wings ……."

Marie, Stonington, ME

"Dear Ms. Griffey, you have an angel on your staff. This morning I called Julie Farrell explaining a problem my daughter had ordering Effer-K. My daughter has a serious abdominal anomaly that required numerous surgeries since birth. Without Effer-K for a month she had suffered severely. Julie solved the problem in two hours. The Effer –K will be available to her Friday. In this day kindness and efficiency such as this is extremely rare. Please express our sincere appreciation to Julie for her kindness and expedient action. Nicholas E."

Nick, Stonington, ME

"I have congestive heart failure and take high doses of diuretics which have been leaving my potassium levels dangerously low. As a result, I've recently gone from having to take 40 mEqs per day to 80! On top of everything, I have a severe acid reflux condition, which means that potassium chloride really irritates my stomach. I've been trying combinations of pill form and liquid, but the liquid form is just so sickening. I have to dilute it to such a degree that I can't really get the two tablespoons per day that's required. (actually, would be four now).

This has begun to dominate my life--constantly trying to get enough potassium and not feeling sick all the time. In desperation, I turned to the internet and found Effer-K. There aren't a whole lot of testimonials and it is from the website (I couldn't find any independent reviews) so to be honest, I wasn't very hopeful.

I am thrilled. I received my order yesterday. My pharmacy didn't order unflavored, like I wanted, so I was kind of upset because I am NOT a cherry vanilla girl, even if it's the highest quality ice cream. But I decided I could at least try it to see if, flavor aside, it was something I could even remotely stomach. And while I don't love the cherry vanilla flavor (but that was a given right?) this potassium has such a mild and un "mediciney' flavor, I feel the unflavored will blend right in with any drink and that finally, taking potassium will not be a struggle that I deal with all day, every day. Also, no particular aftertaste either. I plan to tell my doctor and everyone I know in the industry about this, they could be saving people a lot of anxiety and discomfort."

Lisa, San Francisco, CA

"I love the Effer-K!!! Thank you so much! It tastes great (much better than K-Lyte and Klor-Con) and dissolves perfectly.  There is no gritty residue left at the bottom of the glass. It is such a pleasure to use. "

Selma, Bayside, NY

"Because the blood pressure medicine my wife takes depletes potassium, her doctor prescribed a potassium supplement. She is unable to swallow large tablets and we tried Klor-Con powder, but she did not like the taste. Then we discovered Effer-K and experimented with both the flavored and unflavored forms. We finally ended up trying the unflavored in Coca Cola, her favorite beverage, and it works great. She is totally unaware that it contains potassium and there is no complaint about taste!"

Harold, Hinsdale, IL

"I just wanted to let you know that Effer-K literally saved my mother's life. She is 86 years-old and needs to take potassium to prevent heart arrhythmias. She could not swallow the large potassium tablets and the liquid potassium chloride she was given in the hospital made her vomit. She said that she would rather die than try to have to take the liquid potassium. We had no other choice but to put her in a rehab facility where she was given potassium intravenously.

After searching on the Web, I discovered Effer-K. I told my mother's doctor about it, and he requested samples for us. My mother loved it. She says Effer-K tastes like soda pop and has no trouble taking it. Effer-K keeps her potassium levels up better than anything we have tried. Mom is now able to come home and looks forward to taking her potassium. Thank you so much for this product. It is literally a life saver! I'm going to tell everyone I know about it."

Carol, Yonkers, NY

"Thank you! You are a miracle come true. Effer-K is a life saver! You are doing the Lord's work - that's for sure. Keep up the good work!"

Bud, Columbus, OH

"[My doctor] gave me [Effer-K] samples to try, unflavored and Orange Creme. I was very impressed that the combination of potassium bicarbonate and citric acid in water yields potassium citrate which has minimal if any taste and is then masked with a fruit flavor. I had tried the effervescent potassium that is under my current insurance. Thank you."

Stephen, Miami Beach, FL

"My doctor wrote me a prescription for the plain Effer-k because I had been taking a pill which was causing stomach problems. So far, it seems to be a lot easier on my stomach. Thanks!"

Rosalie, Chicago, IL

"Yes, I have had success (in repleting patient's potassium) with Effer-K! The patients seem to like the med over K-Dur, etc.!"

MD, Flushing, MI

"The Effer-K experience is surprisingly pleasant. In fact, down the line, if all goes well, I think I'll try the unflavored, dissolved in some juice. And I love that it can be diluted to suit the patient's taste and comfort level. Plus the carbonation is nice--it's not super fizzy either, just mildly bubbly. "A suggestion: In your info sheet that's included in the Effer-K box, I couldn't find anything about Effer-K being used for kidney stones. Potassium citrate often is prescribed for kidney stones, especially for those of us who have low levels of citrate. I would think that if it isn't already, this would be an excellent additional market for Effer-K. Thank you again for all your help. I'll keep you in touch with how it's going. But you've got a great product in Effer-K, and I'm so happy I stumbled on it while investigating potassium citrate online!"

Andrea, New York, NY

"Mildred has been taking your K+ tablets for about a month & a half & is doing well with them. It is a blessing that I don't have to hear her choking on a potassium bolus she previously had to gag down.
Thank you again!!"

Ted, New York, NY

In 2006, I was diagnosed with a rare muscular disease called Familial Hypokalemic Periodic Paralysis (HKPP). In October of 2009, the Periodic Paralysis Association held a conference in Orlando Florida and invited the 5 leading doctors in the field of researching HKPP, to attend and educate/learn from those of us suffering from this debilitating disease. The conference was held over the course of a weekend and well over a hundred attendees came to learn and share their stories with one another and I was one of those hundred or so people. Between 2006 and 2009, I was instructed by my medical community (my PCP and ER staff) to mix 25 mEq of liquid K+ with apple juice and drink it whenever HKPP symptoms would become noticeable.

My method of taking K+ was choice #1 of 3: #1. Drink K+ in liquid form mixed with juice #2. Run a tube down my nose and "feed" the same liquid form to me, if I was having problems swallowing #3. Set up an IV with fluids and pump it in that way (I cannot begin to express how painful this process is/was)

Being that nearly all of the folks attending the conference are dealing with HKPP first hand, we met several people who were not treating their low K+ symptoms via the methods noted above, but were using, instead, the Effer-K tablets (they called them "fizzies" dissolved in water. My wife and I were shocked at how quickly these folks were recovering from their attacks, given that our method would take hours for me to even get to a point where I could actually speak, let alone be able to become mobile. During the conference, I experienced a number of attacks caused by a variety of triggers, all with the same results, until a fellow sufferer came along side of us while I was trying to swallow my liquid K+ with water, because we were out of juice, and she gave us one of her "fizzies" to try with water. We were dumbfounded at how quickly my body responded to the medicine. I had already swallowed 75 mEq of the liquid K+/water mix and was showing no signs of change (which was normal), but after one dose of the Effer-K, the color returned to my face and I was able to see more clearly. After 2 more doses of Effer-K (and roughly 45 minutes or so) I was able to return to the conference. This was miraculous, as far as we were concerned. It is worth sharing that, since that very attack, we have treated nearly all subsequent attacks with Effer-K and my life has truly changed for the better in most all respects.

Through this, we have also learned that when drinking the Effer-K, if the taste is sweet like orange soda, then my body is in fact low in K+ and needing the medicine, but if the taste is unsweet, then the symptoms I'm experiencing are likely not directly related to low K+. This phenomenon has been confirmed in other HKPP patients who take Effer-K. There is a whole world of us "out there" who suffer from this frustrating disease and I want you to know that Effer-K has made a very positive change in treating this disease."

Wade, Orangevale, CA

I want to tell you that Effer-K is a godsend. I had been taking potassium chloride supplements in order to prevent atrial fibrillation. I struggled for a year and a half with the digestive side effects of one potassium pill after another. My IBS kept getting worse and worse. My doctor suggested a liquid form, so I tried it, but it was still potassium chloride, and worse, it was flavored and my blood sugar went up too much. I was desparate to find out how people managed to take potassium chloride and minimize the digestive effects, and I spent my days searching the internet with that question. One of my searches (What is the safest form of potassium) brought me to your website. I couldn't believe how easy it sounded after all the time I had spent feeling so sick. It took a few days for the capsules I had been taking to get out of my system, and from them on, it has been wonderful. No side effects at all. I get the 20 meq unflavored tablet, and I add just a drop of cranberry juice and a drop of lemon juice to the soluton and it tastes just about like cranberry/lemon club soda. Following your advice, I do try to let the solution sit as long as possible to let the carbonation dissipate sometimes as long as an hour but even if I have to drink it sooner than that, there is no problem. And I just had my first bloodwork since starting on Effer-K and it is keeping my potassium level just where I want it to be. I have never been so happy to take a medication. Thank you for Effer-K!

Susan Bridgewater, NJ

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Manufactured by Nomax Inc. Made in the USA

Warning: In patients with hyperkalemia and impaired mechanisms for excreting potassium, the administration of potassium salts can produce hyperkalemia and cardiac arrest.

Note: Effer-K is not equivalent to KCl. It is potassium citrate in solution, not potassium chloride. While potassium citrate can be used to elevate potassium levels, it is not recommended for patients who have metabolic alkalosis or acid/base disorders. It may result in the alteration of the acid/base balance.