Effer-K® - Effervescent Potassium Citrate -Product Information

Effer-K® is an effervescent liquid prescription potassium supplement in tablet form. Simply drop the tablet into a glass of water, wait one minute for the tablet to dissolve, then enjoy the non-carbonated beverage.

Effer-K® is the combination of potassium bicarbonate and citric acid as an effervescent tablet. When placed in water, or other aqueous liquids, the citric acid and potassium bicarbonate react. The effervescent reaction provides potassium as potassium citrate in a slightly acidic solution. The initial bicarbonate molecule is bubbled off as carbon dioxide and water. Potassium citrate and water remain. Potassium citrate is the type of potassium found naturally in fruit, which is why Effer-K® does not have the harsh, salty taste associated with other forms of potassium.  

Effer-K® is now available in 25 mEq, 20mEq and 10 mEq doses

Effer-K® 25 mEq, Unflavored

Effer-K® 25 mEq, Orange

Effer-K® 25 mEq, Cherry Berry

Effer-K® 25 mEq, Lemon Citrus

Effer-K® 20 mEq, Unflavored

Effer-K® 20 mEq, Orange Cream

Effer-K® 10 mEq, Unflavored

Effer-K® 10 mEq, Cherry Vanilla

Most physicians prescribe potassium chloride in tablet form in 10mEq and 20mEq doses. Effer-K® is a great substitute for a solid KCl potassium tablet or KCl capsule.

Effer-K ®compared to KCl potassium supplements

  Effer-K® KCl Tablets
& Capsules
KCl Solution
yes no yes
Palatable Taste
yes no no
Easy to Swallow
yes no no
Readily Absorbed and Bio-Available
yes no yes
Ease for G or NG Tube
yes no yes
Positive GI Side Effect Profile
yes no no
Low Cost
yes yes yes
Multiple Flavors
yes no no