Effer-K® Prescribing Information - How to Write for K Citrate

Effer-K® Prescribing Information

To view the full P.I. (prescribing information), choose 10mEq & 20mEq Effer-K® or 25mEq Effer-K®.

Below is an example of how to write a prescription for Effer-K®. To ensure that Effer-K is not substituted at the pharmacy, we suggest adding "Dispense as Written" to the prescription or check the "Dispense as Written" box as shown below.

Example of a prescription of Effer-K<sup>®</sup>

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Manufactured by Nomax Inc. Made in the USA

Warning: In patients with hyperkalemia and impaired mechanisms for excreting potassium, the administration of potassium salts can produce hyperkalemia and cardiac arrest.